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Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors

IGD currently stock 5 different colours of sectional panels. They are, "Classic Cream, Golden Oak, Dark Walnut, Surfmist and Micro Orb Silver. Other styles and colors are available on request.

Why Choose an Insulated Garage Door from IGD?

  • Because an insulated door helps to reduce the energy costs of your home.
  • Insulated Garage Doors protect your belongings from the extremes in temperature.
  • Our doors have superior strength to any other door on the market.
  • The best customer service you'll find anywhere.
  • Call IGD today and find out how affordable a real door is!

What Will You Get?

  • 40mm of High density Polyurethane Insulation in every panel
  • A fully enclosed galvanized and baked enamel sectional door panels
  • Whisper quiet belt driven motors utilizing Italian motor technology
  • Wireless Security keypads for added security
  • Interior wall mounted switch
  • 3 deluxe remote controls with every door supplied
  • Powder coated tracks and hardware
  • A superior finish with a door that is the same color on both sides
  • A door that is built to last
  • A door that is so strong we are testing it for use in cyclone prone locations
  • All this with no additional cost!

Great Looking Garage Doors

The interior of the door creates the appearance of another room not just a garage. What would you prefer to see? A door that looks like it’s only half finished or a door that looks great and is worth what you paid for it?

Insulated & Pinch Resistant Garage Doors

We all know that insulation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and that all modern homes have insulation in their roof space. So why wouldn't you insulate your garage door as well? In Australia it is common for a garage door to occupy at least 1/3 of the surface area of the front of your home and if it isn't insulated your garage space is an area that can facilitate the transfer of extreme temperatures into your home. Polyurethane insulation is one of the most effective insulation materials available and is as much as 30% more effective than Polystyrene insulation. At Insulated Garage Doors our panels can reduce up to 90% of this temperature exchange. Insulated panels also help to reduce street noise and are dramatically stronger than a standard single sheet garage door. The Pinch Resistant design helps to prevent the likelihood of fingers being caught in between the panels when the door is being operated.

Rubber Weather Seals

All Insulated Garage Doors are supplied with rubber seals around the whole of the entire door opening. These seals provide excellent protection against ember attack, wind, rain and dust, they help to transform your garage into another room of your house.

Manual Lock for Added Garage Security

 A manual locking system provides extra security when away on holidays or during the building process of your new home.